Automotive Car Parts Manufacturing - Universal Joints

Engineering Industry 

Companies operating in this industry design and manufacture machines, devices and structures. There are civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and aeronautical sectors under this category. The civil engineering sector is related to the planning, designing and constructing of structures like buildings, roads and dams. The mechanical engineering sector relates to the design and manufacture of engines, plants and related systems. Chemical engineering is related to the chemical products used in the design, construction and operation of machines and their parts. Electrical engineering relates to the manufacturing of devices and parts used in the electricity generation and transmission. It also covers design and manufacturing of electronic devices, computers and accessories. Aeronautical engineering deals with designing and manufacturing of flying machines and their parts. Auto parts like universal joints and propshaft are manufactured by auto parts manufacturing companies.

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Manufacturing Industry

This industry is related to the manufacturing of parts, components, finished products, consumer items, machines, devices, electronic products and other items. The process of transforming a material from one form to another is called manufacturing. All physical products that people and businesses use are manufactured somewhere. This industry is related to all areas of the economy. A healthy and thriving manufacturing industry indicates a robust national economy.

Manufacturing Auto Parts

There are millions of auto parts manufacturers making a wide range of auto parts for different types of vehicles. These parts are needed for both new and used vehicles. Replacements parts are used to replace old, defective and faulty parts. Vehicle owners also buy auto parts to improve energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal and performance of their vehicle. Some of the vehicle parts like the engine are very complex. Parts that bear lots of weight, run continuously during driving, or operate under heavy pressure must be made of high quality materials. These parts can be manufactured only in factories that meet the highest manufacturing standards. There are genuine as well as OEM parts in the market. Genuine parts are manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer or manufacturers who have been authorised by the vehicle makers. OEM parts are manufactured by non-authorised manufacturers. Some of these parts meet the high quality standards but most such parts have lower quality compared to the genuine parts. OEM parts are generally cheaper than the genuine parts.

Types of Auto Parts

A large number of manufacturing companies operate in the auto parts manufacturing industry. They make all types of automobile parts. These parts are manufactured for the engine, transmission, power train, braking system, suspension, steering, body and other parts of the vehicle. Most of the demands for auto parts are generated by sales of new vehicles. The type of demand for auto parts depends on the rate of replacement in the automobile industry. Most auto parts manufacturers are small companies that focus on manufacturing a particular group of auto parts.